June 2020 - Women in Tech

Women in Tech

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Women in Tech Focus

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Read the eco Association study “Women in Tech Across the Globe: A Good Practice Guide for Companies”, which is aimed at companies who would like to recruit, retain and support the advancement of more women in tech.


On Motivation and Innovation – Creating Diversity in the Tech Industry

Yuliia Diachuk from MoBerries provides insight into the challenges women face in rising up the ranks in the tech industry, and what the key to success is for teams and companies.

Creating a “Human Firewall” for IT Security

Psychologist and social engineer Christina Lekati from Cyber Risk GmbH explains the psychological basis of phishing and how to arm staff with effective defenses.

Deepa Gautum-Nigge, Global Lead SAP, on the importance of visible female role models for busting age-old gender stereotypes in the workplace.

Shifting workloads, managing security breaches, and serving customers remotely – Sylvia List from NTT Germany explains companies’ evolving reactions to lockdown.

A company seeking to enhance gender diversity shouldn’t just act sporadically, as pointed out in a case study by Erica Varlese from Automattic, which shows that goal-setting is what can make all the difference.

Simone Menne, former CFO of Lufthansa and member of multiple supervisory boards, on the importance of striving for a 50/50 gender balance on teams – and how to do this.

A case study by Wido Potters from BIT BV, showing how easy it is for recruiters to make companies more attractive to female applicants, and why this is important.

Lucia Falkenberg of the eco Association on how eco's new international study on Women in Tech can help companies to find and retain female talents – and reap the rewards for doing so.

Do women have a place in the tech industry? Yes! says Sabrina Waltz from 1&1 IONOS. She offers advice & encouragement to women wanting to enter the sector.


New Work offers us the creative scope to shape a better, more human working world. Lucia Falkenberg, CPO at the eco Association, allays the fears and explores the potential of digitalization to transform the world of work.

Stefanie Kemp, Member of the eco Association Presidency Committee, on role models, the gender quota, and the importance of diversity for successful teams.

What does it take for a company to successfully manage digital transformation? Saskia Steinacker, Global Head of Digital Transformation at Bayer AG & member of the EC’s High-Level Expert Group on AI, explains.

Lucia Falkenberg, CPO of the eco Association, on working with AI & Corporate Social Responsibility, valuing the work of humans, and the need for lifelong learning in a changing working world.

The United Nations has defined 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”, SDGs. They range from ending poverty to solving our energy issues to ensuring that education is available for all. Technology can help us reach some of these goals. Here is how.

Rinalia Abdul Rahim, SVP for Strategy & Implementation at ISOC, explains their vision and initiatives to improve security and access to the Internet.


Flexibility & social responsibility play major roles in how people work and who they choose to work for in the future, says Melanie Buck from GoDaddy.


What is the economic value of gender and racial diversity in tech companies? Elisabeth Kurek provides important insights into how diversity & a welcoming company climate can attract and retain top talent and increase performance.

Joyce Dogniez from the Internet Society explains the value of Internet connectivity for education and equality endeavors, and for the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Offering employees flexibility and supporting diversity benefits the company as a whole, as Lucia Falkenberg, CPO of the eco Association explains.


The interconnected world of tomorrow calls for an ethical approach to digital education today, a topic delved into by eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe.


Ram Mohan from Afilias explains the importance of linguistic diversity online, and why a new approach to Universal Acceptance is needed.