November 2017 - Artificial Intelligence | IoT | Autonomous Driving

The Intelligence in the Network

Artificial Intelligence is becoming science fact with remarkable speed. But what is the nature of this intelligence, and what are the risks? Internet pioneer and eco Board Member Klaus Landefeld explains how far AI has come.

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Watch the 8-minute video above or on YouTube, read the transcript, or skip to individual questions:

  1. The applications that have been coming on to the market recently offer some very promising solutions from the fields of machine learning and natural language processing. Take the voice-activated home assistants that are appearing in households everywhere. But how intelligent are they really?

  2. In what areas is there a need for caution?

  3. But even taking weaponized machines out of the equation, what role does ethics play in developing AI?

Klaus Landefeld is Director of Infrastructure & Networks with eco – Association of the Internet Industry.  Since 2004, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Mega Access, a company focused on wireless broadband Internet access. He also supports nGENn GmbH as an independent management consultant. Before establishing Mega Access, Mr. Landefeld held a number of other management positions, including Chief Technology Officer at Tiscali and World Online. He was also the founder of Nacamar, one of the first privately-held Internet providers in Germany. Mr. Landefeld is a member of a number of high-profile committees, including the Supervisory Board of DE-CIX Management GmbH, and the ATRT committee of the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency).