August 2017 - Data Protection & Privacy | Encryption

Emailing – The Good Guys, The Bad Guys and Dysfunctional Relationships

Finding the balance between the desire to get your marketing message out and your need to keep your target customers happy can be difficult. Being one of the good guys is important in overcoming the somewhat dysfunctional relationship between email and marketing, according to Vittorio Bertola from Open-Xchange. Vittorio spoke to dotmagazine on the value of open source, the upcoming changes to EU data protection law, and how not to alienate your customers.

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Read Vittorio Bertola’s article on Bringing Order To The Digital Wild West From The Bottom Up in the March 2017 issue of dotmagazine.

Vittorio Bertola is Research & Innovation Engineer at Open-Xchange, a global leader in services and free software for the Internet's email and DNS infrastructure, where he takes care of research and innovation activities, leading projects to invent and develop new products; he is also responsible for the company's policy activities. Previously, he worked as a freelance consultant, as a website developer and as partner, founder or CTO in several Internet start-ups in Italy. He is also a digital rights activist, dealing with Internet policy at the national and international level for the last twenty years.

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