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Date: 20 Sept. 2017
Location: Online

Date: 28-29 Sept. 2017
Location: Brühl, near Cologne

Date: 19 Oct. 2017

Date: 15 Feb. 2018
Location: Hamburg
Call for Papers: until 31 Sept. 2017

Date: 21-22 Sept. 2017
Location: Hamburg

Date: 21 Sept. 2017
Location: Dublin

Date: 2-3 Oct. 2017
Location: The Hague

Date: 3 Oct. 2017
Location: Amsterdam

Date: 10 Oct. 2017
Location: Nuremberg

Date: 12 Oct. 2017
Location: Brussels

Employers who can demonstrate special responsibility towards their employees and society are more in demand for job seekers. “In particular, companies in the IT sector that are searching for up-and-coming talents can present themselves as attractive employers through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and thus create employee loyalty in the long term,” says Lucia Falkenberg, Chief People Officer and Head of the Competence Group New Work at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. In particular, young people who belong to the so-called Generation Y feel attracted to companies that can show such commitment. Read more on eco International.

The Internet is gaining importance as a broadcast media for large sporting events: This 2017/2018 season, several of the games in the German first football league will only be available online or via satellite. In the USA, Facebook wants to offer live streams of the Champions League together with one US broadcaster. “Sport is a driver of live streaming and a playing field for innovative technology trends,” says Markus Schaffrin, Head of Member Services at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Read more on eco International.

Alexander Rabe

With the Digital Agenda 2014 – 2017, the German federal government took on the topic digitalization in its entirety and relevance in federal policy for the first time. And in the current federal election campaign, Internet policy is playing an increasingly important role. Alexander Rabe, Head of the eco Policy & Law division, explains how the association is accompanies, analyzes and assesses this. Read more on eco International.

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) supports trustworthy customer communication by email, by helping companies to keep the legal foundations and technical quality standards in mind. The CSA is also offering Best Practices for sending commercial e-mails in conjunction with the Cologne digital fair dmexco on 13 -14 September. Under the banner of “An Express and Safe Trip to Inboxland,” Lawyer Rosa Hafezi and Engineering Manager Alexander Zeh show measures that companies can use to increase the success of campaigns and avoid legal consequences and fines. Read more on eco International.