December 2022

5 Years dot - highlights

Celebrating 5 years of Internet industry reporting – a spotlight on inspirational dotmagazine stories. Over the course of the next few months we will be publishing more and more great content from our archives here.


Alexandra Koch-Skiba from the eco Complaints Office on the attentive reporting and take-down of illegal content on the Internet.

Inma Del Rosal Mendez and Brian Cimbolic from PIR explain how the Quality Performance Index supports a reduction in abusive domain registrations.

Harald A. Summa from DE-CIX & the eco Association looks at the needs of future digital business – the data, the infrastructure, and the mind game.

Franzi Thoms, Senior Marketing Lead at GoDaddy, describes the steps companies can take to achieve gender and ethnic pay equity.

Ivo Ivanov from DE-CIX, on preparing the way for the digital bank of the future through intelligent interconnection with ecosystem partners.

Andreas Weiss and Thomas Sprenger analyze how Gaia-X next-generation cloud infrastructure could provide a sustainable boost to the data economy in Europe.

EURid takes an innovative approach to help outwit cybercriminals, including helping to identify potentially malicious registrations at source.

Thomas Rickert and Lars Steffen from the eco Association, on the importance of acting and collaborating in the fight against abuse involving the DNS.

Mareike Jacobshagen from DE-CIX, on creating a productive virtual office anywhere via DE-CIX and their many partners.

As the Internet and mobility become increasingly intermeshed, new synergies and business concepts are emerging, says eco Mobility CG leader, Martin Kumstel from Uber.

How can Enterprises Safeguard their Data and Digital Resources?

Dr. Thomas King from DE-CIX explains how an IX platform can shield networks from a range of malicious and accidental security incidents. 

Flexibility & social responsibility play major roles in how people work and who they choose to work for in the future, says Melanie Buck from GoDaddy.

Christian Voss from Sedo discusses with client Rolf Larsen from how to find and obtain the perfect keyword domain for creating an inspiring brand name.

Ensuring compliancy with data protection requirements such as the GDPR for data storage and processing is challenging.  Stefanie Köhl and Heidrun Müller from eGovCD explore how approved rules of conduct can be a cost-effective alternative to certification.

The United Nations has defined 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”, SDGs. They range from ending poverty to solving our energy issues to ensuring that education is available for all. Technology can help us reach some of these goals. Here is how. 

Everyone has different ideas on “doing it right”, but being inclusive with UA should figure on every developer’s list, says Lars Steffen from the eco Association.

The slow adoption of electronic invoicing among SMEs belies the financial and environmental advantages of e-invoicing. The eco Association and Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences explore the acceptance factors of e-invoicing.

The eco Association has just published its annual IT security study. Oliver Dehning, CEO of HornetSecurity and Leader of the eco Competence Group Security, offers his perspective on the results.

Katrin Ohlmer from DOTZON looks at how domain owners can monitor and prevent abuse of their domain name to protect themselves and their customers.

Ivo Ivanov from DE-CIX, on the value of quality connectivity services for enterprises and data centers.

Jutta Horstmann from eyeo describes the challenges of managing remote locations around the world, and the need to take diverse lifestyles into account to promote parity in teams.

The mobility of the future is connected, and offering the right vehicle, in the right place, and for every need is only possible and sustainable with the help of the Internet industry, says Alexander Rabe of the eco Association.

Kelly Hardy from CentralNic provides cybercrime advice for end customers and clients operating businesses online during the pandemic boom.

How can companies create trust in IT security solutions? Through trustworthiness, argue Prof. Norbert Pohlmann from eco & Ulla Coester from xethix Empowerment. 

Carsten Marmulla and Simon Decker from carmasec GmbH & Co. KG offer a new approach for SMEs that are facing the uphill battle of getting their company ready for ISM certification.

Gaia-X is bringing the dynamic cloud within reach – and may soon offer an exciting new future in cloud computing, reports Marcus Busch from Leaseweb Deutschland.

Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight, on illegal content, DNS blocking, and making the Internet a place people want to do business in.

When creating a new company and brand, Reelika Kirna from EURid vzw, and Inge Buffolo from EUIPO, advise securing the most applicable domain name for your brand and protecting it with a trademark.

Martin Kuechenthal from LEMARIT explains how your own brand as a top-level domain prevents fraud and increases brand awareness.

Alex Brotman, Comcast, and Patrick Koetter, sys4 AG, on how DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) can help companies to protect their customers and their brands from abuse.

Prevention is better than cure: DMARC offers protection against phishing attacks, saving brands from the headache and cost of reputation damage, as Julia-Janssen Holldiek, Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, explains.

Henning Lesch from the eco Association explores the need to adapt approaches to regulation in response to the global challenges of digitalization, and the role that self-regulation can play in this transformation.

For a sustainability agenda, a culture of diversity is indispensable, reports Eilín Geraghty from eco. So, how can companies develop this culture?

Oliver Süme, Partner at Fieldfisher and Chair of the eco Association, provides an overview of the varied legislative initiatives at EU level for paving the way to a digital future in Europe.

Alexandra Koch-Skiba from the eco Complaints Office, on 25 years’ cooperation with providers and law enforcement, and minimizing risks for young people online.

John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, offers insight into the changing traffic patterns and changing online behavior through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Promoting women in tech should not be about fixing women – it means fixing structures in a way that will benefit everyone, reports Lucia Falkenberg from eco.

The financial industry is building a strong use case for the European data infrastructure project GAIA-X based on the benefits of digital ecosystems, comments Harald A. Summa from DE-CIX.

Rinalia Abdul Rahim, SVP for Strategy & Implementation at ISOC, explains their vision and initiatives to improve security and access to the Internet.

CEO of eco and DE-CIX, Harald A. Summa offers a vision of how we can work together with transparency, openness, and cooperation to create a digital future beneficial for everyone.

Prevention is better than cure: DMARC offers protection against phishing attacks, saving brands from the headache and cost of reputation damage, as Julia-Janssen Holldiek, Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, explains.

Machine learning and voice assistants are essential to digitalizing care, as is digital infrastructure, explains Dr. Bettina Horster from the eco Association and VIVAI AG.Teaser

“We need to understand digital progress for what it is: the lever to greater sustainability,” says Karl-Heinz Land, in an interview with Nils Klute of

IoT is transforming markets, revolutionizing service provision, and opening up potential for new business models. Andreas Weiss, Director of Digital Business Models at eco, explores where IoT is, where it’s going, and what it needs to thrive.

In interview, Agnes Heftberger, Vice-President of Sales with IBM DACH, emphasizes how far we still need to go to achieve gender equality – and offers tips on how to lay the groundwork for this journey.