December 2020 - Internet Industry

International Collaboration – Call for Contributions

To fully unleash the potential of digitalization, and to ensure that the Internet is a force for global good, we need to work together across borders. As a digital company, organization, or association, if you’re involved in an international or cross-border dialogue, exchange, or alliance – tell us your story in dotmagazine!

International Collaboration – Call for Contributions

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Go Far, Go Together

For the issue on International Collaboration in June 2021, dotmagazine welcomes articles from members, partners and customers of the eco Association/DE-CIX Group that present international collaboration use cases or demonstrate the value of international collaboration in the Internet industry for businesses, digital locations – and for humanity as a whole.

Submissions date for Part I: 19 May 2021

Submissions date for Part II: 2 June 2021

Contributions can take the form of:

  • Articles offering advice or tips & tricks (link to template)
  • Case studies (link to template)
  • Interviews

Topic areas

We’d welcome stories looking at international collaboration from the perspectives of:

Digital Ethics, e.g. collaboration in:

  • Closing the digital divide
  • Promoting diversity and equality
  • Consumer and child safety
  • Data and technological sovereignty
  • Transparent handling of data

Digital Ecosystems, e.g. collaboration in:

  • Digital infrastructure & traffic flows
  • Cloud
  • Domains

AI & IoT Technology, e.g.:

  • Shared industrial analytics
  • Interoperability
  • Common ground for standards and architectures

Security, e.g. collaboration in:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Network security
  • Encryption
  • IoT security

Digital Services, e.g. collaboration in:

  • Digital health solutions
  • Digital education
  • Digital mobility
  • Smart Cities

If your company is also spreading its wings and seeking to bring its expertise to bear in other countries, we’d also welcome your input.


You have a related burning topic that doesn’t fit into the categories above? Talk to us!

Please note: your contribution should not be too technical – the focus should be more on the strategic level.

  • Given that the goal of the eco Association – as publisher of dotmagazine – is the responsible shaping of the Internet, promoting diversity is in our deepest interest. To boost the profile of women in the Internet industry, we are particularly keen to have the voices of women heard in our industry insights. We therefore especially welcome articles, quotes, and case studies which are (co-)written by, feature or quote Women in Tech.
  • For information on dotmagazine style requirements, please see the eco Guidelines for Contributors. By submitting a contribution to dotmagazine, you agree to these guidelines.
  • For the purposes of planning, please contact before submitting a contribution.
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