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Mobility & Logistics & Connected Car: Call for Contributions

Call for contributions from eco member companies and specialists on the topics of Mobility, Logistics, and Connected Car.

For the June 2018 issue on Mobility, Logistics, and Connected Car, focus topics will include:

  • E-Mobility & power infrastructure

  • Mobility Platforms (Business Models & Cloud Computing)

  • Driver's assistants systems

  • Carsharing

  • Connected Car (Network infrastructure & Big Data Analytics)

  • Autonomous Driving (in 5 levels)

  • Supply Chain Management (Blockchain & RFID chips)

  • (Intra-)Logistics

  • IoT Security for Mobility

The deadline for expressions of interest with an abstract of the proposed contribution or proposed interview topic is Friday, 23 March.

The deadline for submission of texts is Friday, 27 April 2018.

We are also looking for submissions from eco members who are experts in their field for the following issues:

  • May 2018: Data Center Risk Management / Insuring Digital Transformation

  • June 2018: Big Data 

Contributions which are accepted will be published in full as "Industry Insights", and integrated as rich content into feature articles. Other member content can be linked to as relevant further reading, even if it is not incorporated into an article.

Contributions can take the form of:

  • Text interviews
  • Audio interviews
  • Scientific papers or white papers
  • Position statements
  • Explanatory or documentary-style videos
  • Articles offering advice or tips & tricks
  • Other (not advertising messages)

Please contact dotmagazine@eco.de for information on deadlines for upcoming editions, and for further information regarding future topics.

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